Changes for the Wilsons

Dear Friends,

When Diane and I planned to come to Ecuador, we anticipated that it would be for a “season” in our lives.  Our initial thought was to be away from home for three years, including language school.  We have now been away for almost four years, and have concluded that this “season” is coming to a close.

Therefore, we have submitted our resignation to HCJB Global, effective August 31, 2012.  This date includes a final 3-month HMA (Home Mission Assignment, formerly known as furlough), as well as whatever vacation days that we have accumulated.  Our last day in Shell, therefore, will be on or about May 11, at which time we will return to Maine to begin our HMA.  The HMA will involve visiting and sharing our ministry over the past years.

It has been a privilege to work alongside both the missionaries and the nationals here in Ecuador.  We are grateful to God for this opportunity to serve.