It's all about Relationships

Sometimes, it is more than just a work team.  This was the case with the recent visit of a team from Zeeland, Michigan.  Yes, they did a lot of important work around the hospital, and we are grateful for their skill and dedication to the task.

But just as important, if not more so, are the relationships that were built during the time that they were here.  Diane and I felt a special bond with some of the team members.

We remember that the beginning of our journey to full-time service was the forming of some special relationships with missionaries while we were here in Shell on short term trips.

So, to the team from Zeeland, thank you for your service here.  We look forward to your return.




I have recently been named Director of Hospital Vozandes del Oriente (HVO) in Shell.  Sometimes I find myself thinking that Administration is mundane and not worth writing about.

Here’s an example of Administration making a difference.

Recently, a four-year old boy named Luis arrived in the hospital with his mother.  His two year old brother had accidently stabbed him in the eye with a knife.  We normally only have ophthalmological coverage every three weeks, but Administration has recently made an agreement with a local ophthalmologist to help with emergencies and surgeries.

The local doctor arrived, and after a couple of surgeries, it seems that Luis will be just fine.

The family does not have very much money, so they are not able to pay the bill, which is a bit more than $1,000.  But HVO administers a charity fund to be used for people with limited resources.  Because of the generosity of givers to the charity fund, Luis’ bill is able to be paid.

Luis and his mother