Communication – What do you prefer?

Communication has changed so much these last few years.  And it is still changing.

We’d like your opinion.

How do you like to communicate?  How do you like to be communicated with?  How can we best communicate with you?

Here are some options:

Blog entries on our website

Monthly (or regular) formal newsletter


Short e-mails about daily life

E-mails with pictures

Snail Mail

Please tell us what you prefer.  Choose as many as you like.  If you think of another means of communication, please let us know that as well.

We can’t guarantee that we can do all of them all of the time, but we will probably do all of them some of the time.  Your thoughts will help us in determining how best to keep in touch.

Can’t wait to hear back,

Steve and Diane

Ready for the Last Trimester!

We are back in Costa Rica after taking some time between trimesters to visit friends and family over Christmas and the new year. School starts next Monday, January 12.

First, we went to Maine and were greeted by a minor snowstorm. Then a few days later, we got another foot of snow. I (Steve) got a chance to practice my snow shoveling skills.




We took the train to Philadelphia to visit Vicky and Jason and kids. The train is so much more relaxing than flying. And the elapsed time isn’t much different, all things considered.





We were able to visit and speak (and sing) at two different churches while we were in Maine.





Visiting with kids and grandkids is always a joy.





We were greeted our second day back here with an earthquake. It was a bit unnerving for those of us not from earthquake prone areas. We only had one picture fall and break. People in other parts of the country were not so fortunate. Here is a link to one news story.