All better? Almost.

It’s been three weeks today since my appendectomy.  Laparoscopic surgery is wonderful, and I was able to go back to school only one week after the surgery, with three little scars in my abdomen.  The doctor told me not to lift more than ten pounds for four weeks.  So I have one week to go.  I’ve just been telling myself that my backpack only weighs ten pounds… 

I mentioned before that I had a cough when I went in the hospital.  Well, after I got out, it turned into bronchitis.  So I’ve been on antibiotics for a while.  I hadn’t remembered how draining antibiotics can be on your energy.  But now, the cough and congestion appear to be gone, so I’m looking forward to getting the energy back.

Short Term Team from Maine

Quite frequently, there are short term teams from the US who visit our church here in Costa Rica.  We usually talk with them, find out where they are from, etc.  Well, one Sunday about a month ago, we were talking with one team, and they said they were from Hermon, Maine!  And one of them came up to me, and it was someone we knew!  What a small world story.  Check out the picture of the team.  Some of you may recognize Glenn, near the middle in the green shirt.  He came to an EE clinic at Hollis a couple of years ago.  And here we were meeting again in Costa Rica.


Tuesday morning after breakfast, my stomach started to hurt.  Since I had just eaten, I thought maybe it was just indigestion.  But it didn’t go away.  The previous Thursday, Diane had made me a Tuesday appointment with the doctor because I have had a bad cough (still have it).  She said if I got better, I could just cancel the appointment.  Well, I kept the appointment, and told him about my stomach pain.  After examining me, he said it might be appendicitis, and sent me to the ER for more tests and analysis.  The diagnosis was confirmed and I had surgery at 4 that afternoon.




I could definitely see God working through this, because I’m sure that if it had been left up to me, I would have suffered through it for a few days until the pain became unbearable, and then who knows what might have happened.  


Since Monday is Independence Day in Costa Rica, I don’t have to go back to school until Tuesday.  That should give me enough time to rest.  My classmates have been providing me with my homework assignments, so I should be able to keep up.


All aspects of my hospital stay went well, even the food.  I had a large private room – see the pics.  The hospital name is Clinica Biblica.  If you want to check them out, here is their website.