First Day of School – but not for us

Over the last week or so, three new teachers have moved into the apartment next door. They have been getting acclimated, as well as preparing for the school year. Well, today was the first day of school for them. Since we have always liked to take first-day-of-school pics, we thought we’d like to do that with them to. So here they are, from left to right, Kim, Kate, and Trish.

Please pray for them. They are missionaries too, teaching in Sojourn Academy, the school that shares the property with the Spanish Language Institute. Most of the kids of the Spanish students attend there.

One down, two to go

Well, our first trimester here at language school is now history, and I’m glad to be taking a break. We both got all A’s, so we were really pleased with that.

It’s a hard time, though, because we have to say goodbye to a lot of the people that are graduating and leaving. And that part of it is only going to get worse, because generally speaking, we know the people better who are closer to us in school. So when the second trimester ends in December, we do it again. And then we will be the ones leaving next April.

As we reflect on this, and as we talk about it, we have concluded that this meeting and then saying goodbye is a good thing. God has brought so many people from so many places across our path, and then sent us in all different directions. We know people all over the world! And as a result, we can hear first hand what God is doing in other parts of the world. So, as painful as goodbyes are, we can trust that they are for our good. Romans 8:28