The Water's Back

The water started coming back about mid-day Sunday, after being off most of the time since Thursday. By evening, it was at about half pressure. And by this morning, it was full-strength. Here is a link to the story in the Costa Rican newspaper. Check out the picture of the pipe that was broken!

Also, if you can’t read Spanish, here is a translator that I use occasionally. It isn’t great, but sometimes you can get the idea of certain phrases.

Water, Water, … Anywhere?

We are now entering our third day with water issues in the San Jose area.

On Thursday afternoon, the water was reduced to a trickle in our house. We soon found out that our neighbors had no water. And we later found out that the problem was quite widespread. We had a trickle because we live at the bottom of a hill, so whatever was left in the system worked its way in this direction.

It’s Saturday morning now, and the water is back on at a reduced pressure. We don’t know how long it will last. One person said that they had heard that it was going to be a long problem, so they planned to give each neighborhood some water for a few hours at a time. We’ll see. But at least we were able to go out and buy some bottled water. The first store we went to was cleaned out, but we ran into a guy that we know from church, and he told us where to go.